Would you like to know more about the Thumpster Brand? If yes, you are at the right place. The brand was founded by a bike racer known as Timothy Hunter in the year 2004 in Australia. He stumbled across a small bike (pit bike) in late 2003 while he was attending a Trade Fair and felt the urge to import it. Why? To make some improvements and modifications on it. He later signed a contract in April 2004 with a Taiwanese Company. The contract was for helping build pit bikes and from there onwards the brand was born.




Thumpster Motorcycles

First model

It was released into the market between the year 2004 and 2006. Some of the first notable models were the Pro-Hunger 125cc, Super Hunge 110cc, and JNR 90cc. The full certified T6 heat treated CNC TUV alloy frame made the Pro Hunge 125cc bikes a huge success; currently, the frame is still highly valuable and sought after by many bikers.






Initial market reaction

The brand did not take long before hitting the ground running. Within the initial period of 13 months, the brand quickly took the first spot of the most famous pit bikes with sales hitting the 45 million dollars mark. Due to some drawbacks regarding Trademark infringement and infrastructure, its success did not last long.





What happened later?

In 2007, the brand name was changed to Terra Moto. With the new brand name, it secured its intellectual property rights. Some of the Terra Moto models that were released in the market did not perform as well as they were expected to including the Terra Moto’s TDX 125F PRO and Krusha 125cc. Because of their low market demand, the producer stopped manufacturing Terra Moto models.





Wake up call

In 2011, Hornet Industries contacted Timothy with the idea of reviving the initial brand and an arrangement (agreement) was signed on 10th May 2012. The aim of the agreement was to restart the company with some new models namely TSR 160cc, TSX 125cc and TSX 88cc.


By the end of 2014 or earlier 2015, the brand can brag of having 16 models ranging from 50cc to 250cc model types. For example, C bikes designed for competition (kids, pit bike racing, motocross and trail riding), TSK designed for kids, TSR designed for racing, TSX designed for mid-range activities, and TSB designed for basic activities.





What is happening in 2015?

In 2015, the brand released new models namely the TSR-C, TSX-C and TSB-C competition models for competing in motocross racing events. When it comes to racing events, the brand is re-known for featuring in the world mini-moto championships held in Las Vegas. Some of the top names that were carrying the brand flag include Mike Leavitt, Dan Cartwright, and Mike Brown. In April 2015, it declared its official color as Chartreuse joining other several manufacturers of off-the-road motorcycles that have an original color.

In the past ten years, the production of pit bikes has been exceptional with improved customer service. Their desire to deliver top quality bikes has made them be at the forefront of development, technology and cutting edge designs. Its prices are unrivaled and may be the reason they have managed to sell over 40, 000 bikes across 20 countries.

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