This is a black colored strong jacket that combines warmth, style and comfort for riders. It is specially designed to be worn on top of other clothing and comes in different sizes which include the S size that is suitable for individuals with 38inch chest, M for 40inch chest, L for 42ich chest, XL for 44inch chest, XXL for 46 inch chest, 3XL for 48inch chest and 4XL meant for individuals with 50inch chest.




Warrior Textile Jacket


· 100% Water Proof- This enables it to offer 100% rain protection and provide users with a dry, warm feeling all over.
· Storage Bag Included- The storage bag helps in maintaining the quality looks and feel of the jacket.
· 100% Polyester Fabric- The polyester fabric material is durable and makes the jacket windproof as well as waterproof. The jacket serves users over a long period. The inside part of the collar also has a soft fabric lining that makes it feel comfortable when it is closed tight around the neck.
· Adjustable Waist- The waist is flexible, and the jacket is adjustable all around.
· Reflective Band- The reflective bands are effective for night riding as they make users visible by others. This promotes safety.
· It has a loose fit- This enables users to wear it comfortably on top of other clothing.




· It is light and makes users feel comfortable.
· It is available at an affordable price.
· It is easy to pack down in a manageable size that eases its storage.
· It offers a good value for money
· It is durable.




· There are no side pockets






Customer reviews
Customer Opinions and Reviews

With a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars after 52 customer reviews on Amazon, it is true that almost all the customers are happy with this jacket. All the features listed above are highly appreciated by the customers who managed to review this product.


The main feature that has excited all the customers is the capability of the jacket to efficiently prevent rain from passing through it, water proof. They have used words like excellent, fantastic, wonderful, perfect, great, attractive, high quality and more to describe this amazing jacket.




Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should one order the same size as their motorcycle jacket or a bigger size that fits over the top?
A. You should order one size bigger depending on the bulkiness of your motorbike jacket
Q. Is this jacket fit for wearing over leathers? If so, should one buy an actual size or a larger size?
A. They are roomy but wearing them over leathers depends on your build and type of leather. They are okay over leathers, and they feel comfortable. You should buy a larger size, for example, if your textile jacket size is large, try the XL over a coat.

Richa Rain Warrior Textile Motorcycle Jacket will help you to build a shield against cold weather and rainy seasons. It is made from materials that will offer you years of comfort and reliability. You will be able to live your outdoor life to the fullest without being distracted by the unwanted downpours or strong winds. In fact, this jacket will leave you with a thirst for rain.

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