It is always important to purchase the best accessories and products. The Ring RAC900 is a professional heavy duty compressor that everyone longs to have. It performs three times faster than any of the standard compressors on the market. According to research, it has been tested and approved to be the most proven performance that is usually used by the world most trusted breakdown professionals. The RAC900 is highly reliable because of its ability to inflate tires quickly in a shorter period of 90 seconds. It is highly reliable because of its flexible hose that comes with a quick inflator or deflator.



Air Compressor

Highly reliable brass nozzles for the user

It is usually designed by experts who understand its functions. This can easily be proven by looking at reviewers who have used it, and they have all the positive reasons to discuss its performance and the service it offers them in a better stage of reality. It is known to come complete with some of the industrial style and highly reliable brass nozzles as well as a perfect 7-meter coiled airline hose performance.




State-of-the-art 12v battery clip

It is usually quickly released by a perfect 12v battery clip, and it is sturdy and so much reliable. This is highly proved to offer perfect and smooth performance as well as better results without any doubt. The product has been well enhanced with a better thermal overload protection unit, and it also comes with a waterproof on/off simple switch. The RAC 900 is seen as a 100psi and has been installed with a perfect pressure gauge that has been measured in psi, lb/in2, and cm2.




55 liter per minute professional air flow speed

You can always enjoy using this top of the class air compressor that takes the lead in the market today. It perfectly rivals many others and besides all, it is highly reliable to offer perfect results without any failures when used. The top class air compressor is so perfect for all professionals in the market, and they always need a high-speed performance. This is a 55 liter per minute air flowing product and is ideal for all the inflating of high-pressure tires. This can be used in motor homes or transit trucks and vans to offer better services. It is very easier to operate and to come with a complete storage case. The case allows everyone the best safety while working and at the same time offers them a safe store and great compressor to boost power.






Enjoy two-year warranty as soon as you purchase the RAC 900

You will also enjoy a two-year warranty while operating this classy machine and learn more about its average performances in the market. It is designed for the best results, and it is very inclusive when it comes to offering the best outcome. It is quality and durable enough, lasts longer for a period that you desire and strive hard to offer you better services with no doubt.

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