Another incredible design by the manufacturer of the people, the Macco Motors Stryker is a beautiful creation that may have bike lovers stampeding towards Amazon to place their order. The company was created in 2011, and they aim to combine the beauty of a classic bike with the nice specs of following brands, like the BMW and Ducati. On their site, they explain their attention to the details, trying to give the bike the most beautiful form possible, just the original bike. They create unique bikes that are custom built, designed by clients and made possible to purchase should anyone else fall in love with the designs.





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Refined and Regenerated

The Stryker has been intended to be an entirely air-cooled creation in a beautiful Bonneville fashion. It has that same great look with greater efficiency and power without dealing with the problems that came with the ten-year-old Bonneville. Macco Motors designed a stunning, modern and standard motorcycle. A man named Matteo asked for the bike, taking on the role of the client in this scenario. One of the things that the men of Macco love the most about their bikes is that they all have a story, and Matteo’s was amazing. He wanted it to look great and run great. He planned to pick it up and ride it all the way home from the workshop, a 2400 Km journey from Cadiz to Bolzano. They had to make this bike capable of being ridden daily, going across the country and making it home to Italy.




Creating the Bike

The bike was designed with a number of parts. The bike itself was a T100 from 2005 donated to the shop. They checked it out, cleared it for use and set to work designing it. The bike has a very military feel while still working great for civilian use. The colors are black, green and brown, which are the same ones used by the Canadian armored vehicles. Macco stripped the cockpit, simplifying it with Biltwell grips and a tracker bar, with a single seat and a Scrambler headlight. They moved the ignition to below the right flank, where the tank sits. They rebuilt the wheels, wrapped the exhausts tightly and topped them with Spark mufflers, giving it that beautiful rumble. The shop added LED signals, new levers, and alloy footrests.


Macco uses fiberglass mudguards of their design, and side panels to give the machine a totally different yet functional, look. Electrical gubbins can be hidden away easily, the seat is very comfortable and prevents the rider from gaining road rash. Macco used Hagon Nitro shocks up front with progressive springs, which is a huge improvement from the original OEM gear. These all combined to allow the bike to work for a broad range of conditions, just as Matteo desired.


Matteo reports that the bike made the long trip home just fine, and it is in great condition. He enjoys taking it on the hills, and it works great for making it about town as he needs!

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