The Honda Dominator is a cheap thrill ride. Not all of us can afford an expensive Italian bike, but we can still enjoy the fun of he daily commute with the Dominator. Called “Dommies” by enthusiasts, these bikes are well loved because of their durability, reliability, and readability.


This bike dominated (no pun intended!) the 1990’s craze of riding all kinds of bikes. A lot of guys were riding the little Cafe Racers, but this bike was the clear standout and favorite. Let’s do a rundown of its features.




Honda 600 Reviews


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Fun and reliable

This is a fun and reliable bike, that will give you hours of riding pleasure. Honda’s reputation for rock-solid durability speaks for itself. These bikes will take what ever you give them and ask for more. You work hard and you should play just as hard. This is an affordable way to have the motorcycle experience without breaking the bank and hopefully not breaking any bones!





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Let’s talk about this engine. This single-cylinder, a simple engine is incredibly reliable! It is an air-cooled motor with a single cylinder. It’s uber reliable and will easily run for upwards of 100,000 miles. It is the very same engine now in Honda’s FMX650. However, the Honda Dominator is much more affordable. It is beloved by its owners because of its year-round reliability and it is so fun to skip the congested traffic on the way home and hit a back road, twisting and winding all the way home. This bike maneuvers beautifully! You can easily cruise at 70 t0 80 on this baby. You will enjoy the commute or any ride on this bike!







The 650 is a very sturdy, solid, well-built bike. We all know the Honda reputation for durability and quality workmanship. Because this bike is a dual sport, it is made to go down a time or two. It can take what you can dish out for the most part and will be a reliable riding partner for a long time.


While Honda makes great motorcycles and this one is an especially beloved model, there are still a few things to watch out for. It wouldn’t be a fair and balanced review if I did not give you the down sides. These are some things riders have complained about with 650, so some things to be on the look out for.



  • Likelihood of seized brake calipers.
  • Corroded pipes and damage from off-roading.
  • Chipped and worn out cases
  • Sometimes the motor is clunky.



  • Exceptionally well-built bike.
  • Very durable.
  • Affordable. Economical. High gas mileage.
  • Manoeuvrability is awesome.
  • High seat lets you sit up and take in the view.



There’s no doubt Honda has an excellent reputation for building quality bikes for years now. So you really don’t have to worry about the quality of this bike. As I’ve said, it has many excellent attributes that make it a fun, year-round bike to ride to work or just for recreation. The affordable price tag is a cherry on top. The best thing about this bike is how fun it is to ride, especially for the price. You don’t need to get an expensive Italian job. This is a great bike for anyone who wants to ride just for the joy of riding.

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