If you have a passion for car or bike racing, this jacket is the one you will need for sure. Wearing a good jacket is quite important because it protects you from cold weather. Also, your jacket should be comfortable and made of high-quality materials. Our suggestion is the new Dainese Black Leather Jacket that you are going to adore.





Leather Jacket review dainese

How does it look like?

The classic look of this jacket is made for motorcycling. It ends slightly above the hips, with a zip in the middle of the jacket, and with two zips for pockets. This jacket is warm because it has a warm vest under the leather, and the garment serves to control the body temperature, so you cannot feel the coldness from the outside. The vest can also be removed. The sleeves also have an excellent design, with a zip and a button, so you can change the end of the sleeves according to the weather.






What about the materials?

This jacket is made of high-quality black leather, and it is designed for all motorcycle enthusiasts. It also features a great combination of the classic style and details. Black leather is always a reliable choice, but this jacket also has a little bit of the vintage look. Its shoulders are made of the combination of aluminum and soft Pro-shape protectors, which gives you all comfort you need while cycling. It also gives you the best chest ventilation. There is the Dainese logo on the back of the jacket and the left shoulder. This jacket is completely black with smooth details, which add to its impressive design.





Protection Parts

What about protection parts?

This jacket, besides its outstanding design, has the best protective features. All of the protective components have their certified standards. So, you know that your shoulders and elbows have the best protection with this jacket. Also, these parts are made to allow your free and easy moves. The leather follows the line of your back, and it finishes with a button, so you can open or close the bottom of this jacket. The good thing about the collar is that you can bend it easily, and it is very comfortable because under the leather there is a soft material that gives your skin comfort and warmness. The inside of the jacket is made of a few parts. The first one is the area of the bubbles that control the temperature. The other one is the area of your chest protector.



Choose the best

This jacket is made either for spring or winter conditions. Of course, it is also waterproof. Because of its multiple functions, it is the best choice for all power sports enthusiasts who prefer good quality, design, and function. Leather has always been the best material for clothes and shoes, so Dainese continues to build this tradition with the high-quality leather products, such as this jacket. So, if you are thinking about buying this product, you will not be wrong. You can buy it now, with a special price of $472 and with free shipping. You will be certainly be satisfied with this jacket, as it will keep you safe but also make you look handsome with its unique design.


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